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JC, also known as “Big Dad” to his granddaughters, started J Caudle & Co. in 1977 with the help of his wife, Anne. JC was known for having an extremely imaginative mind and was able to make a story out of everything he came across. A true joy to talk to and be in the presence of, JC was known to spend hours talking to customers and sharing his stories. He also found himself spending a lot of his free time writing his own books, painting, and ballroom dancing. JC was one to excel at all his artistic endeavors and gave his heart and soul to the things in life that made him happy, furthermore, his favorite way to finish the day was with a glass of red wine. JC passed away in September 2010, and always reminded his family that his goal was to “leave a piece of [himself] for others to enjoy”.

JC and Anne Dancing


Anne, JC’s wife of 54 years, helped to support JC in his journey to create a jewelry store. She did not make jewelry like her husband or daughter did but she had an extensive knowledge of flatware, silver, and pearl knotting. She was responsible for keeping the store running by doing the books, ordering more of what was needed around the store, and many other things necessary for running a store. Anne was a very supportive wife who went on many adventures with JC like dancing with him as a partner in ballroom dance competitions, going to jewelry shows, and going on international travel. She has since been reunited with JC after her passing in January of 2016. The pair made a great team and created a legacy.

sherry and lucy


Sherry Caudle Robinson is JC’s daughter and continues on with his legacy. She creates jewelry just like her father did with a different style and with smaller pieces. She started working with JC in high school by helping out with the store on the business side of things. Sherry went to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in 1982 and became a Graduate Gemologist to continue on with her education in the jewelry business. Upon returning from the school, she started making jewelry alongside her father. She took a break for a couple years to move around the country and raise kids but returned to the jewelry making scene in 2009. Since then, Sherry has bettered her craft by going to many workshops across the country.

In 2010, J Caudle Jewelry was offered a studio space at Lowe Mill right after JC’s passing. Sherry has continued on the legacy in studio 104 since then. Her passions include making unique masterpieces with colorful gemstones, simplicity, and antique characteristics. Sherry truly loves what she does.